.::Those Taking the Journey::.


.::Self Hatred and Natural Hair::.

Natural hair is a big issue for sistahs (Actually, the whole issue of self-hate is a big issue). I use to keep far away from the topic of natural hair, because sistahs would damn near take my head off about this one.


.::Dr. Ivan Van Sertima::.

Ivan Gladstone Van Sertima (26 January 1935 - 25 May 2009) was a historian, linguist and anthropologist.


.::The (Mis)Educational System::. Part I

Today I read an article about how Texas is going to do some reforms and corrections with the state's curriculum. Initially, I thought this was going to be good news. Oh, how wrong I was. The proposal comes from the state board's conservative members. As we all know (or should know), is that Texas is a state that is conservative, caucasian male dominated. Changes in Texas public school's curriculum often influences and changes the U.S. public school's curriculum as a whole, due to the great number of students Texas has.  In this and many other ways, Texas is very powerful.


.::Late Night Musings and a Streetlight::.


Isn't it funny how something so seemingly trivial can spark deep thoughts...? Across the street, diagonal to my bedroom window, there's an orange streetlight. I love the the glow of it and the way sneaks and peaks in through my blinds...