.::Those Taking the Journey::.


A Tearful Rant

Thomas Winston... A 29 year old father, who had fell on hard times and was struggling (yet striving) to turn his life around, is now dead. And for what? A man stepped on his shoes, and when he asked the man to apologize, that sparked the confrontation that led to 16 year old Cyan Brown stabbing him in his heart.


The Ugly Truth About Abuse

I felt myself be pushed, hard, onto the bed... I felt his hands wrap around my throat... I heard my voice, but it didn't sound like my voice... I heard it tell him to stop... I hardly recognized my own voice. It sounded so small, so raspy from the lack of air coming into my throat... I didn't even fight him... I couldn't fight him... It was as if I had lost all control of my body... And all I could think was, "Why?" I felt no pain... It was dream-like... Surreal... I noticed how horrible he looked, as he looked down at me... I felt myself slip into unconsciousness............................ When I woke up, I was alone on the bed. My throat hurt, I felt light headed. I couldn't even think clearly...


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas: People are scrambling around, decorating, shopping, drinking, caroling, rushing... But very few of these people (if any of them) know the true origins of this "holiday". As with all things, they go through their lives never questioning, never seeking to know. They're content with accepting and believing. They're comfortable in their ignorance... Blissfully so.


Color Wars: Light Skin vs. Dark Skin

Introduction: As a light-complected black woman, I have experienced both favor and hatred.


What is Marriage?

What is marriage and who defines it? The American Heritage dictionary defines it as: 1.a. The state of being husband and wife; wedlock. b. The legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife. 2. The act of marrying or the ceremony of being married; a wedding. 3. Any close union: a true marriage of minds. 4. The combination of the king and queen of the same suit , as in pinochle. [Middle English mariage, from Old French, from marier, to marry]. The Oxford Etymology dictionary defines "marry" as: to join in or enter into wedlock. It defines "wedlock" as: marriage vow OE.; union ofman and woman as husband and wife. XIII. Late OE welac, f. we pledge, wed+-lac -lock. So, if we look at this, marriage is a union. It is pledge between two people who wish to commit themselves to one another....

Instinct Vs. Intuition


“Intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”~Albert Einstein


"Will I" [poetry]

Will thoughts of you always haunt me? Will they always chase me about my mind, 'til I, give up and allow them to overtake me? With each time I close my eyes, will I, always see your face and remember our dates and rendevouz, with each place, I go to? How many relationships must I go through?


Erotic Short Story Pt. I

Only half asleep, I felt him lay next to me. I felt his strong arms circle around me and pull me close. The warmth of his body quickly spread to mine, as I snuggled closer. His right hand began caressing my face... Then moved to my neck... His left arm was still under and around me. Small shocks traveled from his fingertips into my skin, as his hands traveled the curves of my body... I began to sigh, softly... He pulled me tighter and I felt the hardness of him... Immediately, my body responded to it and I felt my waters begin to flow. He took my face and turned it to the side... He began kissing my lips, my chin, jaw and neck... Soft, sweet, lingering kisses... He released my face and ran his hand down my body, and between my thighs...


Thanksgiving Day Rant


As you gorge yourself on flesh, sweets and bread... I hope you think of the so-called indians and the ruthless, vicious massacre of those beautiful, indigenous people. I hope you think of the pointless destruction and death... I hope that as you breathe in the aroma of that 'thanksgiving' feast, the smell of burnt flesh, the smell of sickness and death fills your nostrils...