.::Those Taking the Journey::.


.::Late Night Musing::.

My sudden urge to take you by your face and kiss you passionately until your mouth professes it's love for me and your knees buckle beneath you... As your heart rate quickens, your body gets hot and certain parts engorge... Until you ache for me to explore you... How surprising this urge is to the both of us...

And even though I'm feeling shy... The thought of your tongue entering my mouth and my tongue succumbing to yours is making me want to throw caution to the wind... As I stare at your lips, your jaw, your neck... I'm tempted to dial your number and whisper and moan into the phone and arouse you to the point that your hands become my hands and explore you... Slowly... Boldly...
Your hands become my hands and my thoughts become your thoughts... But I'll also let my hands become yours... It's better if we both participate.


.::The Sacrality of the Phallus::.

During yoga today, a thought that I've always had was articulated more eloquently in my mind. I'd like to share it with you all. It's about the sacrality of the phallus. I hate the word "penis" and "vagina," so I say phallus and yoni.


.::Glass People::. (First Draft)

Would it be cliche to say how I see right through you?
You're a clean window with no shutter nor blinds... And I can see the workings of your mind and the shallowness of who you are...


.::Teach Them in the Way They Should Go::.

As I watch my son grow, I see how our relationship changes. I allow our relationship to grow and change with his growth. I understand that as he grows, our relationship cannot stay the same or it will impede his progress/growth.