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"Moon Time"

As women raised up in religious, patriarchal and misogynistic societies, we are taught our bodies are shameful, we are the center of sin, we are “unclean.” Our “moon time” or menstrual period are to be hidden. We are ashamed, embarrassed… Such a potentially spiritual time is degraded. 
There was a time when a woman’s moon time was celebrated. The blood isn’t brought about through violence - peaceful blood - so it is holy. It is different.
Female blood has a remarkable potency in the ritual imagination of Africans. For example, among many people, the menstrual blood of a woman is considered sacred and has the power to ward off evil spirits.  Some view the ability to shed blood as an example of the unique fertility of a woman. There are others who see the divinity in the special powers of women. In African religion, each sex can operate as the vessel of the spirits and there are both priests and priestesses who serve at their shires or temples. However, the sex of the minister is not an indication of the sex of the divinity (Kwabena Faheem Ashanti in the Encyclopedia of African Religion, Volume I).


Facebook Convo on "God" and Christianity

The original post said: no human has the power ,knowledge or insight to predict the end of the world... ppl let weak minded ppl around them influence there faith in believing foolish things...they said the world was going to end on new years 2000 but it didn't happen.. soooo do your own research read the bible and believe the word of god and not man made myths and prediction
My first response: But... If man wrote the Bible, you're still depending on the words, myths, and predictions of man to tell you when the world is going to end...

And people ALWAYS think the world is going to end. They've been saying that for thousands of years, yet...

Someone responded to the original post (her name is Shannon): ^The bible was written by men who were given words to write straight from the holy spirit the bible is our guide to direct us and let us know of things to come but there is no where in the bible that says when jesus is coming back no man knows the day or the hour it also warns the people of earth about false christ that would reveal themselves in the last days and it warns you not to believe or follow them pray to god that he gives you direction and understanding of his word so that you may not be lost


My Hair Care Regimen

"When you go through all your life processing and abusing your hair so it will look like the hair of another race of people, then you are making a statement and the statement is clear."--Assata Shakur
A lot of people ask me what I do to care for my hair, and I've been promising to do a blog on it for a long time... So, I'm finally getting around to it, lol. So, let's get started.


Captain Cudjoe

Dauntless Maroon Chief of Jamaica
     Nothing is further from the truth than the popular belief that the African in the New World was in love with slavery and submitted calmly to it. The fact is that he rebelled against it from the United States to Argentina times without number. 
    This is especially true of Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Surinam, the Virgin Islands, Brazil, and Venezuela. Among the most valiant of these Negro rebels were the Maroon Negroes of Jamaica, West Indies. For 140 years they defied the white slave holders and finally forced them to seek a treaty of peace. 



I’m currently reading this excellent book on tarot and voodoo. In it, the author speaks of “sacrifice.” Sacrifice is taken from the Latin sacer (sacred) and facere (to make), so the literal meaning is to make sacred. In (Euro) Western culture sacrifice takes on a different and, as usual, corrupted meaning. The western understanding of sacrifice is about giving up, relinquishing, etc. Sacrifice is often looked at as a burden, a punishment… Sacrifice is also associated with death, rather than the sacrality of sacrifice.


I bought two tarot decks recently, and I love them. I have been doing personal reading for myself with them since around 2 or 3 this morning off and on. It astounds me how precise and accurate they have been on life situations. I do not think tarot is for everyone, but for me they are proving extremely useful. My readings have yielded amazing insight and more.
People commonly misunderstand things such as tarot because people water down and abuse ancient practices. They make them commercialized and cheap, then wonder why it doesn’t work or isn’t accurate. If you approach the practice with an open mind, sincerity and respect you will be amazed at the accuracy. Again, it isn’t for everyone. Each of us has a different tool that speaks to our intuitive power. You just have to find yours. I’ve also found cowrie shells to be useful for myself. Soon I will start using my I-ching sticks.


I do not acknowledge racism as coming from all people. I define racism as white supremacy, and my idea of racism is borrown heavily from such people as Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary, Dr. Amos Wilson, and others. People may say, “Well, you’re just using their definitions,” but I would ask those people who taught them their definition? My definition is inspired by them, yes, but I’ve thought over it logically, rationally, and come to my own conclusion. Most people just accept the definition they’re given. 


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The Martin Luther King, Jr. that is never quoted.

Rest In Power, warrior.