.::Those Taking the Journey::.



You make me want to vibrate higher... Your light intensifies my own, and forces me to grow... Growing can be painful, you know? But I welcome it... And I thank you...


.::Ancient Practices: Trepanning::.

What is trepanation? Trepanation is one of the world's oldest, surgical procedures. It is possibly the oldest. Trepanation is the practice of drilling a hole in the skull as a physical, mental, and/or spiritual treatment. It was practiced by many of the most ancient cultures, ranging from ancient Egypt to Meso-American cultures. Some of the information gathered from ancient cultures indicates they believed that trepanning could cure a number of things, including mental disorders. Trepanning was also performed on infants*.


.::Kanye West's Power::.

Kanye West's Power video. Enjoy.


.::Late Night Musing::.

My sudden urge to take you by your face and kiss you passionately until your mouth professes it's love for me and your knees buckle beneath you... As your heart rate quickens, your body gets hot and certain parts engorge... Until you ache for me to explore you... How surprising this urge is to the both of us...

And even though I'm feeling shy... The thought of your tongue entering my mouth and my tongue succumbing to yours is making me want to throw caution to the wind... As I stare at your lips, your jaw, your neck... I'm tempted to dial your number and whisper and moan into the phone and arouse you to the point that your hands become my hands and explore you... Slowly... Boldly...
Your hands become my hands and my thoughts become your thoughts... But I'll also let my hands become yours... It's better if we both participate.


.::The Sacrality of the Phallus::.

During yoga today, a thought that I've always had was articulated more eloquently in my mind. I'd like to share it with you all. It's about the sacrality of the phallus. I hate the word "penis" and "vagina," so I say phallus and yoni.


.::Glass People::. (First Draft)

Would it be cliche to say how I see right through you?
You're a clean window with no shutter nor blinds... And I can see the workings of your mind and the shallowness of who you are...


.::Teach Them in the Way They Should Go::.

As I watch my son grow, I see how our relationship changes. I allow our relationship to grow and change with his growth. I understand that as he grows, our relationship cannot stay the same or it will impede his progress/growth.


.::Random Thoughts On Detachment::.

I'm striving for detachment. That doesn't mean I disconnect myself from the world and those in it. As a Mother of Civilization, how could I possibly? What it does mean, is that I do not let the things of the world effect me to the point I am burdened and I lower my vibration. It means that I focus on freeing my being. Detachment frees the self.



"How wrong it is for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself." —Anais Nin


.::Post-Racial America::.

I constantly hear and read people referring to this as "post-racial America." People try to tell me how the issue of race is over, blacks should "get over it," and how we should all embrace and love one another.


.::Self Hatred and Natural Hair::.

Natural hair is a big issue for sistahs (Actually, the whole issue of self-hate is a big issue). I use to keep far away from the topic of natural hair, because sistahs would damn near take my head off about this one.


.::Dr. Ivan Van Sertima::.

Ivan Gladstone Van Sertima (26 January 1935 - 25 May 2009) was a historian, linguist and anthropologist.


.::The (Mis)Educational System::. Part I

Today I read an article about how Texas is going to do some reforms and corrections with the state's curriculum. Initially, I thought this was going to be good news. Oh, how wrong I was. The proposal comes from the state board's conservative members. As we all know (or should know), is that Texas is a state that is conservative, caucasian male dominated. Changes in Texas public school's curriculum often influences and changes the U.S. public school's curriculum as a whole, due to the great number of students Texas has.  In this and many other ways, Texas is very powerful.


.::Late Night Musings and a Streetlight::.


Isn't it funny how something so seemingly trivial can spark deep thoughts...? Across the street, diagonal to my bedroom window, there's an orange streetlight. I love the the glow of it and the way sneaks and peaks in through my blinds...


.::Dark Skin::...::Light Skin::..

I'm sick of darker skin being considered less attractive. I'm sick of darker skin being the punch line of jokes. I'm sick of dark skinned girls feeling they have to do more, just to "compete" with their lighter complected sistahs.


.::My Fasting Journey::.

Peace, loves. The title of this blog is My Fasting Journey and Some Helpful Info: Part I. I'm writing this blog to start discussing my journey with fasting. What is fasting? Fasting is a form of abstinence. You're abstaining from food.


The Ankh

Peace, brothers and sisters. This blog is about the meaning of the Ankh.

A lot of us wear it, never really knowing what it means, or perhaps we know a lil' bit about it, but nothing really in depth. We like it because it's pretty, it looks cool, it's "Afrikan", it's powerful, perhaps it resonates with you... Yet you never really thought to delve into it and see exactly what it means. The ankh is more than just a "feel good" symbol or something to appeal to a certain type of people (conscious folk). I am by no means an authority on the subject, but I have looked into the meaning. I am merely writing this to share what I know. To share what I have found. Some of this I advocate, some of it is just info I'm relaying (as with all my blogs). Enjoy.


Gnothi Seauton (Know Thyself Part I)

"Know thyself."

These words were inscribed in the vestibule of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. These words, taken from Kemet...


What is the Consciousness?

A lot of people use the term, with no real idea of what it means. A lot of people ask me what it means... I can only give my view of it, and that's what this blog is about.


.::The Gift of Consciousness... The Beauty of Karma::.

I titled the blog this way, because I want to tell you of a very recent experience. Enjoy.
I got a call the other day from this brother I used to build with on a regular. We've known each other about 2 years now, I believe (maybe a lil less). We were once "feelin' each other". We had so much in common (SOOO MUCH)... Except the religion thing. He was Muslim. I adhere to no religion. I submit to no "god".

Ancient cultures around the world shared standard ideas and principles. They understood who they were and their place in the universe. As time went on, man created religion and took creation stories literally. So, came the mystery gods, their powers, religious practices, dogma, rituals, etc. Christianity simply adopted those ideas and applied them to Jesus (see the council of Nicea). This blog is about the pagan origins of Easter.


"Seasonal People"

What are seasons?
Seasons: 1. a. One of the four natural divisions of the year, spring, summer, fall, and winter, in the North and South Temperate zones. Each season, beginning astronomically at an equinox or solstice, is characterized by specific meteorological or climatic conditions.b. The two divisions of the year, rainy and dry, in some tropical regions.2. A recurrent period characterized by certain occurrences, occupations, festivities, or crops: the holiday season; tomato season.3. A suitable, natural, or convenient time: a season for merriment.4. A period of time


Happy New Year... The Vernal Equinox

Finally, the new year has arrived and I plan on celebrating it! Today is the first day of spring!

Now, a lot of people are probably looking like "The new year? What the hell is she talking about?"


Filling the Void: Part I

"Worship God. It's easier than thinking"--Chapman Cohen 

I see many of my people fall victim to religion... And I understand why. See, religion fills a void. It fills that "thing" that is missing in your life... Whatever that "thing" may be... It could be direction in life, it could be your man, it could fill the void of a multitude of things...


The Most Honorable Malcolm X

He was known as Malcolm Little... Detroit Red... El Hajj Malik El Hajj Shabazz...
...Whatever you remember him as, Malcolm X was one of the most prolific, charismatic, dynamic and amazing men to of his time, our time... And any time you could have placed him in. His words, thought provoking. His mind, profound. His wit, unmatched. His energy, magnetic...



Real Men Don't Cry... Or Do They?

"Emotions make good servants, but poor masters"
From an early age, young, black men are taught not to show--or to even have--emotions. They're taught that any sign of emotion is weak. Tears are weak, affection is weak, feeling pain is weak...


Thoughts on America & Independence (quick blog)

AmeriKKKa was built on the pain, the blood, the sweat, the tears, the anger, the rape, the exploitation, the death and the backs of the slaves.

My Thoughts: Moments & Memories

Once a moment is gone... It is but a memory... It is a moment we've captured and frozen within our minds, and we bring back to life through our imaginations... But over the course of time, it begins to slip away... Decay and lose its luster... Piece by piece... Until the memory is no longer a bright, vivid picture... Its an old, worn, faded photograph that we squint at, as the details become more and more faint... We cling to it, yet it escapes our hands like tightly clenched sand...

The Mousai/The Muses

The Muses were nine (9) in number, which is interesting because nine (9) is the number of Born. It is to bring things into existence. It is manifesting it or birthing it from the womb of the mind.


Je taime, Ayiti... Je pleure pour vous, Ayiti...

I love you, Haiti... You and all of my beautiful brothers and sisters... I cry for you, for the children...


Thoughts & Reflections: How Fragile We Are...

Our bodies... So fragile... Easily bruised, broken... From the moment we're born, we begin to die...