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Facebook Convo on "God" and Christianity

The original post said: no human has the power ,knowledge or insight to predict the end of the world... ppl let weak minded ppl around them influence there faith in believing foolish things...they said the world was going to end on new years 2000 but it didn't happen.. soooo do your own research read the bible and believe the word of god and not man made myths and prediction
My first response: But... If man wrote the Bible, you're still depending on the words, myths, and predictions of man to tell you when the world is going to end...

And people ALWAYS think the world is going to end. They've been saying that for thousands of years, yet...

Someone responded to the original post (her name is Shannon): ^The bible was written by men who were given words to write straight from the holy spirit the bible is our guide to direct us and let us know of things to come but there is no where in the bible that says when jesus is coming back no man knows the day or the hour it also warns the people of earth about false christ that would reveal themselves in the last days and it warns you not to believe or follow them pray to god that he gives you direction and understanding of his word so that you may not be lost
My response: Shannon, what I would like to know is, what proof is there that these words were given by a "holy spirit?" What proof is there that there is a holy spirit? And if it's given by a "perfect" being, why is the word so flawed?

Shannon's response: @makeda read 2 timothy chapter 3:verses 16- 17 thats your proof also Galatians 5 18-25 And also Romans chapter 8 verses 6 and 7

My response: @Shannon Um... The Bible doesn't prove the Bible exists... You need actual evidence and support. If your only proof of the Bible is the Bible, then you have no proof at all :-/

Shannon's response: ‎@makeda Well im sorry but if you believe that the world will end May 21 and that the bible doesnt exist then you need to get your self together but it sad that satan has people brainwashed and God provides clear answers to all your questions in his word (1 timothy chapter 6 verses 17 -21) i pray that we all get ourselves together so when the day of judgement comes we will be ready to meet our saviour and i also pray that anyone who reads these comments get a clear understanding of biblical truth

Original poster's response: @Fmajor @makenda yall are truly lost... i guess y'all are really ment for each other and its sad to stay that makenda really brain washed fmajor..smh.. so i guessing y'all believe that man was mad from air particles or we evolved from apes.. its higher power out there which is god..

My response: ‎... What proof is there that Satan exists, Shannon? I mean, what tangible evidence do you have? I don't believe the world is ending May 21st, lol. People believe that?

I think religion is what has people brainwashed.

And still, no one has given any proof of anything they are asserting as fact/truth. Personal belief is fine. The problem is when you assert this as FACT without giving any proof of it.

My response: @Original poster I also think it's sad that you think so little of Fmajor that you think I brainwashed him... Rather than thinking he has a mind of his own and came to his own conclusion about Christianity.

Also, I'm curious to know what the hell you're talking about? Air particles? Really, Drew? Lol. But this isn't about what I believe. This is about people calling something true with no proof of it.

What proof do you have of a higher power? Now, I'm not actually saying there isn't a higher power. What I AM saying is that Christianity is a man made religion--as are all religions--and there is no proof that Christianity is the true way, that Jesus existed, etc.

Shannon's response: @ MAKEDA AND FMAJOR IF YOU DO NOT BELEIIVE THERE IS A God look at yourself in the mirror your are a God given miracle you were created for a purpose to be pleasing in God eyes i do not know you guys but i love you enough to say that God is real i am a living testimony and i am also not perfect or proclaim to be holier than thou God is still working on me and its a minute by minute process i just pray that you guys just have a little faith and curiousity to try God atleast just once and see what he does for you believing in man will get you nowhere and believing in this evil world will def get you no where now im not tryna make a alter call or anything like that it just bothers me that satan has influenced man to believe that he isnt real and that God isnt real its a spiritual warfare out here guys and if we do not pay attention we will be lost.

Someone responded (His name is Damany): Ok, for all the non believers of the bibles devine truth consider this. Even something as simplistic as a garment (Dress, shirt, pants, etc.) had to be designed by someone superior. So when you consider that, how could you think that something as complex as the UNIVERSE has NO original designer? You'd be a fool to believe that "Stephen Hawking" bs.

My response: Shannon, I love you enough to respect that, that is your personal view. I don't have a problem with you being Christian. I have a problem with people saying that Christianity is the true way or that their god is THE god. You existing is not proof of that. If that is your argument, anyone from any religion could use that as proof of their god.

And I have a problem with you assuming I've never "tried god." I did "try god" for most of my life... And I decided to get off the pipe, lol.

And you say you're becoming better? Becoming better is YOU making a conscious effort to be better. It has nothing to do with any "god."

I'm far from lost. I understand where you're coming from, but your whole message is condescending... And you still don't give any real proof of anything you're asserting as truth! Just because there is "evil" in the world, doesn't mean "satan" is a real being. Just because you can't explain the world, life, your existence, etc. doesn't mean "god" is a real being.

And many people are Christian, but they suffer, they die, they starve, they are homeless, etc. Since when does believing in Christianity or the god of it mean anything? Job was god's most faithful servant. He was the most righteous man of his time... Yet GOD made a bet with the devil and allowed him to be tortured by the devil.

@Damany Lol. You know, people come up with all these "deep" analogies, yet still offer no proof. As I said previously, you not UNDERSTANDING THE UNIVERSE does not by default mean that your mystery god exists. Wtf does fashion even have to do with this? What evidence--aside from "look at the universe!"--can you give me that "god" exists?

What evidence can you give me that YOUR god is real? What evidence can you give that Christianity is true?

And you call what Stephen Hawking said is "b.s." I could easily say that the bullshit the bible says is b.s... Wait, I just did.

The bible is a book of myths... And many of those myths are found in stories older than the bible. Anyone who believes a man was born of a virgin, a man was swallowed by a big fish and lived, the world was flooded in 40 days and 40 nights, woman was made from a rib... Anyone who believes that is out their damn mind.

And any god who is like the god of the bible--cruel, jealous, immoral, murderous--even IF "he" was real, I would have no desire to worship THAT nigga.

Again, I'm not DENYING there is a "higher power." I am saying that no one can actually PROVE that there is one.

And I am saying that religion is bullshit.

Shannon's response: God is real ,Satan is real, pull the wool from over your eyes and see what is happening all around you there is only onew ay to get to Heaven(and yes it does exist)and that is through Jesus Christ (john 14:1 Let not your heart be troubled you that believe in God believe also in me (jesus)in my father's(God) house there are many mansion,if they were not i would'nt have told you i go to prepare a place for you, and if go to prepare A PLACE FOR YOU(THE WORLD) i will come again and receive you unto myself that where I live you may also live. You have to believe @makeda satan was an holy angel named lucifer who was kicked out of heaven with a third of the angels because he wanted to be God. See the beauty of God is that he gives all beings angels included the right to choose he doesnt demand that you worship him or obey his principles ,but if you love him then you would live how he wants you to, see lucifer a.k.a satan knows that God is real and uses his power to redirect your attention off of (get of the pipe) of the love of Christ .Satan is the biggest hater out there and wants you to believe that salvation isnt real and figment of someone's imagination. I read this status and i had to comment i started to think well maybe people are ignorant, but then i was reading the comments and people generally do not know what is going on and bound to happen in this world, and i couldnt hold the truth in any longer im putting uo a link please register im not in a occult or anything I'm a seventh day adventist and we beleive in biblical truth not science or man's interpetation of the bible( www.beyondmay21.com)

My response: Saying evil exists is not a valid argument for saying "god and satan are real." And telling someone to "pull the wool from over there eyes" isn't helping get your point across when YOU are the one who is a SHEEP and Jesus is your shepherd. Flocks follow. They don't think. Saying "yes, heaven exists" is not valid, either. Where is heaven located? Have you been there? Do you know someone who has been there? Have they told you about it? Do they have proof they went there?

Again, Shannon, I stress that the Bible is NOT evidence that the Bible is truth. You need evidence OUTSIDE of the Bible--credible evidence--that validates it as truth.

Also, where in the Bible does it say that about the devil/satan and "a third of the angels?"

And god does demand that you worship him, actually. He demands it by threatening you with hell. It's like god is saying, "You can do what you want, but I'll still allow you to suffer for eternity if you don't do what I want you to do."

You make a lot of assumptions and prove your own ignorance when you say others are ignorant, when clearly my ability to think critically and for myself is far greater than yours. You don't believe science, but you believe the bible.

Also, you say "I don't believe in man's interpretation of the bible." MAN WROTE THE BIBLE! And your interpretation or your pastor's interpretation, that is STILL relying on MAN'S INTERPRETATION.

And I know you're not in OCCULT. You're in A CULT.

Quick question: Do you believe EVERYTHING that's in the bible? Do you agree with everything that's in the bible? And this question is for all of the christians reading this and/or commenting.

The only reason people don't want to believe in the word is because its an inconvenience to how they want to live their life. I am nowhere near "Good" I just refuse to be an idiot and pretend its not there.

Damany's response: The only reason people don't want to believe in the word is because its an inconvenience to how they want to live their life. I am nowhere near "Good" I just refuse to be an idiot and pretend its not there.

My response: God's way of "free will" is like me holding a gun to your head and saying, "You can make whichever choice you want... If you choose choice A (which is following me and doing what I say for the rest of your life), I'll reward you with a billion dollars. If you choose choice B (which is you get to choose what you want to do with your life), I'll shoot you in each arm, each leg, your stomach, and then I'll shoot you in the head." Who in the hell would choose choice B?
Lol. You just refuse to be intelligent and think for yourself, Damany. You offer proof of nothing and resort to indirectly insulting people who don't believe in superstitions.

Biblical god rules by fear, not love, not mercy, not morality. FEAR and cruelty.

Also, I live my life how I want, and it's STILL a moral life. Morality and goodness is not dependent on religion or "god." I'm pretty sure that--aside from worshiping "god"--I live a more Christ-like life than many people who are Christians.

Also, it is CHRISTIANS who pick and choose parts of the Bible that they want to follow and don't. They choose the parts that give them warm fuzzy feelings, but they when something they don't like comes up, they have excuses: "Oh, that's not the right context." "You don't take that literally." "God didn't mean that, he meant this."

Anyone who thinks the bible is the origin of morality or that being Christian makes you moral is a total fuck-tard and a waste of my time... Clearly, they are not my intellectual equal.

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