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A Tearful Rant

Thomas Winston... A 29 year old father, who had fell on hard times and was struggling (yet striving) to turn his life around, is now dead. And for what? A man stepped on his shoes, and when he asked the man to apologize, that sparked the confrontation that led to 16 year old Cyan Brown stabbing him in his heart.
The story was originally portrayed as if she was an innocent young girl being attacked by "aggressive, black thugs"... Let's just be honest. Anytime you see a black man in the news, he's (more likely than not) going to be depicted as some idiotic, ruthless thug. The truth was revealed. Cyan turned herself in and is facing first degree manslaughter. Manslaughter? That's it?
Thomas was living in a homeless shelter and working hard to get his life turned around for himself and his baby boy.
*sighs* I've been crying since I read the story... When my people die, I hurt. When my people hurt, I hurt... What hurts most is that its not only white people killing us... We're killing ourselves. We're dying and we're doing it to ourselves... When are we going to stop the madness? How do you look at your brother and your sister with so much hate? How do you look at your brothers and your sisters and feel NOTHING? How do you look them in the eye and take their life? It wasn't yours to take! Now there is another young black man who will be raised without his father! Fatherless households have long been an epidemic... Isn't it time we do something? Isn't it time we stop hating and killing? Isn't it time we start healing, loving, uniting? Oh, how far we have fallen... And sometimes, I'm afraid we will never rise up... My heart aches for this young brother and his family... Most of all, his son... So now, Thomas Winston's son has lost his father. Cyan Brown's mother has lost her daughter. Thomas Winston has lost his life... I am beyond sad, beyond outraged... I'm sick of seeing my people act like savages. I'm sick of us being crabs in a barrel... Or stray dogs in a fight in the gutters... When will we see what's right in front of our eyes!!! When we recognize what we're doing and start the healing process? I feel for my people, so things like this... I will never understand... And I hope I never do. I won't share with you all the awful thoughts I had about this young "sistah"... But I do hope that Karma gets that bitch something terrible... Link to the story below... I'm out.

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  1. A very sad state of affairs. I think and hope that the healing is in minds such as yours.