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.::Post-Racial America::.

I constantly hear and read people referring to this as "post-racial America." People try to tell me how the issue of race is over, blacks should "get over it," and how we should all embrace and love one another. People act as if we should stop talking about race. I say, we'll stop talking about it when it stops being an issue. As white supremacist hate groups grow and crimes against "minorites" by police officers rise (and they get away with murdering us!), how can anyone who is in their RIGHT MIND, call this post-racial America?

These are just a TINY FEW people who have suffered from police terrorism. As you can see, the brutality--the terrorism and racism against melanated people knows not gender nor age. What happened to these people and others like them--and what is continuously happening--are not isolated incidents but rather examples of a long line of black people--especially black males--who face the prospect of police terrorism on an everyday basis.

As I said previously, with white supremacist hate groups growing and crimes against "minorites" by police officers are on the rise, how can ANYONE who is in their RIGHT MIND, call this post-racial America? 

Not to mention the "blame the black man" crimes... Like the one that happened last year. That caucasian woman (Bonnie Sweeten of Pennsylvania) said her and her daughter were abducted by two, black men. 

Caucasian people can afford to "just forget." We "minorities," unfortunately, cannot. How can we forget when we're being killed at this alarming rate? With cases like Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Aiyana Jones and COUNTLESS OTHERS, how can we just forget about it?

We'll stop talking about race when it stops being an issue... An issue that we are being killed over.

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