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.::Random Thoughts On Detachment::.

I'm striving for detachment. That doesn't mean I disconnect myself from the world and those in it. As a Mother of Civilization, how could I possibly? What it does mean, is that I do not let the things of the world effect me to the point I am burdened and I lower my vibration. It means that I focus on freeing my being. Detachment frees the self.

I let go of ego and am not ruled by emotions. I am not ruled by "wants." I realize that I own nothing and no one. Not even this body. I have to return it to the earth one day. Realizing this, I "cling" to nothing. That doesn't mean I don't love, care or feel. It means I do not "cling." Cling, to me, means an OVER-attachment to a thing or person. I am miserable without that thing or person. I can love you and care for you without it affecting my ability to function normally and be happy. That's detachment. Make sense? Pardon self if I was rambling... This just came to me. Peace and Love.

We're taught (in this "western culture") that detachment is something bad. We hate the word and it's negative connotation... But in other cultures (such as Buddhism), detachment is not a bad thing. It is good and healthy. It is what "frees your spirit."  

*sighs*We're all so lost.  No wonder our people are all in a state of confusion. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically confused and malnourished. 

That's all for now. More to come. Peace, Love and Elevation. 

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  1. Very interesting point. I believe that Western culture for the most part is separatist culture, while other cultures are very collectivist in terms of their society.
    The marked diffrence, as you poin out is internal; other cultures teach the importance of detaching the self or at least growing the self analogous to culture and collective society, while in the west we dont encourage that development at all - for many reasons of course.
    Specifically in the States ( I can't really speak to other Western cultures as well) we have completely gotten rid of the concept of personal responsibility, let alone personal choice or thought, and it's killing our community.

    I'm not sure if you are familiar with dr. Barbara Sizemore, but if not, look into some of the speeches/interviews she's given on youtube about the state of our community and the positive she's seen from segregation/ black individualism - a lot of great points.
    like this one, part 1 of 4: