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.::The Sacrality of the Phallus::.

During yoga today, a thought that I've always had was articulated more eloquently in my mind. I'd like to share it with you all. It's about the sacrality of the phallus. I hate the word "penis" and "vagina," so I say phallus and yoni.
During my session, I started to think about how we treat the phallus as less sacred and less worthy of protection than the yoni. Alot of brothas treat their phallus' like Cosco samples. Not all, but most... So HUSH.

Men and women feel the woman's body is something sacred and she shouldn't be as sexually open as men are, due to her body being "holy." Even some conscious people place more importance on the womb and act as if the phallus is not sacred or even all that important... 

I cannot agree. For one, man and woman are two halves of a whole. Yin and yang. Sun and moon. Seed and soil. Isis and Osiris. Shiva and Shakti... Etc, etc. They are halves of the whole. Now, how can my reflection or that which I reflect, how can the completions of one another be any less sacred than the other half of the completion?

The argument is that the women hold life in themselves. True indeed! We are the life bearers and sustainers. We nurture life. But... Men bring new life. Men give life to the womb and the womb brings that life into physical existence. Our womb is the sacred portal from one realm to another. But if the phallus is less sacred, how could I ever let it enter into my sacred place?

That's just like how the hebrew israelite men (that I've met) treat black women as lowly, worthless beings... Yet they still want 2 have sex with us and need us to bear their children. I ask them, "Why would you lay with something that is beneath you? Why would you waste self on something lowly and disgusting?" There's never a real answer for that. *smirks*

Now, the same goes for those who think the male body is less sacred than the female's. How could you allow a lesser being to enter into a sacred place? Contradiction.

We constantly say and are constantly told how we must be careful who we allow to enter our temple... But how often is the man told to be careful whose temple he enters?

Our ancestors certainly never disputed the sacrality of the phallus... So all of you "Kemetic" people/followers who deny it, again... Contradiction.

Peace, Love and Elevation. More to come.

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