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I do not acknowledge racism as coming from all people. I define racism as white supremacy, and my idea of racism is borrown heavily from such people as Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary, Dr. Amos Wilson, and others. People may say, “Well, you’re just using their definitions,” but I would ask those people who taught them their definition? My definition is inspired by them, yes, but I’ve thought over it logically, rationally, and come to my own conclusion. Most people just accept the definition they’re given. 

To me, racism isn’t me not liking a person based on their skin color. That’s prejudice. I am pre-judging them based on their skin color. But then again, Caucasian people have a history of doing horrible things like oppressing and enslaving other races, stripping other races and cultures of their heritage, establishing a system of global white supremacy, convincing the world that black people are bad people, etc., etc. And this blog is not saying that all Caucasians are bad people and do horrible things.

Racism is the combination of hating another race and enslaving them: Mentally, physically, spiritually, economically, culturally, nutritionally, and in any other way they can. That is racism. It’s when my hatred adversely affects the lives of others. The only racism with the power to do that, currently, is white supremacy.

There is a reason Blacks, and other “minorities,” being “racist” is called “reverse racism.” The reason is that their “racism” is a reaction to the racism they were already dealing with. No one calls self-defense “reverse violence.” Why? The person defending themselves was the victim. So a Black person, or other minorities (but mainly Black), is actually them reacting to the racism they face GLOBALLY.

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