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I bought two tarot decks recently, and I love them. I have been doing personal reading for myself with them since around 2 or 3 this morning off and on. It astounds me how precise and accurate they have been on life situations. I do not think tarot is for everyone, but for me they are proving extremely useful. My readings have yielded amazing insight and more.
People commonly misunderstand things such as tarot because people water down and abuse ancient practices. They make them commercialized and cheap, then wonder why it doesn’t work or isn’t accurate. If you approach the practice with an open mind, sincerity and respect you will be amazed at the accuracy. Again, it isn’t for everyone. Each of us has a different tool that speaks to our intuitive power. You just have to find yours. I’ve also found cowrie shells to be useful for myself. Soon I will start using my I-ching sticks.

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