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The Mousai/The Muses

The Muses were nine (9) in number, which is interesting because nine (9) is the number of Born. It is to bring things into existence. It is manifesting it or birthing it from the womb of the mind.

  1. Calliope (Epic Poetry)
  2. Clio (History)
  3. Erato (Love & Erotic Poetry)
  4. Euterpe (Music/lyric poetry)
  5. Melpomene (Tragedy)
  6. Polyhymnia (Sacred poetry)
  7. Terpsichore (choral songs and dance)
  8. Thaleia (Comedy)
  9. Urania (Astronomy)
Nine (9) nights, Zeus, secretly, had sex with Mnemosyne. Mnemosyne was sometimes called the Mother of Creativity. Those nine nights between her and Zeus created the nine muses. Ironically enough, The they had Mnemosyne, the goddess of Memory (this is where the word mnemonic comes from), as their mother... Yet their mission was to make people actually forget their sorrows and not think about their cares. The Muses were brought to life to make the world disremember the evil and relieve the sorrows and to praise the gods, and especially the Olympian Gods' victory over their ancestors, the Titans. Apollo was the main teacher of the Muses. They were usually accompanying him and the Graces on their strolls and loved singing and dancing on soft feet on laurel leaves, while Apollo was playing the lyre.

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