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My Thoughts: Moments & Memories

Once a moment is gone... It is but a memory... It is a moment we've captured and frozen within our minds, and we bring back to life through our imaginations... But over the course of time, it begins to slip away... Decay and lose its luster... Piece by piece... Until the memory is no longer a bright, vivid picture... Its an old, worn, faded photograph that we squint at, as the details become more and more faint... We cling to it, yet it escapes our hands like tightly clenched sand...

Memories of laughter become fainter and more soft... Until we can only see mouths smiling, with no sound coming out... Eventually... The smiles become blurred and fade, as well...
The present is so fleeting... It is perpetually passing us... As soon as you say, "this is the present"... Its now the past, is it not?
Live each moment... Seize it and experience it in its entirety... Enjoy it and fill yourself with it... Create the brightest memory you possibly can...

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  1. Greetings, me Ohemma (pronounced: may Oh-him-mah. A Twi term for My Queen)
    Your words are like a cool breeze on a 100 degree day--they soothe the conscious Afrikan soul.
    PLease check your rbradio messages & rbradio email. I sent you something that I know you will love & would like your comments.
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE re-start your blog talk show. I am catching up now (literally as we speak-Ranting revisited). There are NOT enough strong sistahs such as yourself on it with your ever-increasing knowledge & love of Afrika & your voice NEEDS to be heard.

    I can be reached for further discussions at kamau301@yahoo.com

    Continue the magnificent work, hope to chat with you on a regular & may you continue to ascend into Goddessness!!!