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Filling the Void: Part I

"Worship God. It's easier than thinking"--Chapman Cohen 

I see many of my people fall victim to religion... And I understand why. See, religion fills a void. It fills that "thing" that is missing in your life... Whatever that "thing" may be... It could be direction in life, it could be your man, it could fill the void of a multitude of things... But I think that the main reason is that it fills the void of that missing father figure. The harsh reality is that most black children are being raised in fatherless households. The recent trend is becoming fatherless AND motherless households... But that is a different blog. 

There's a reason the bible refers to us as "children of god" and tells us to be "like a child". Religion is meant to impede all personal growth. It stops all independent thought. A child can be controlled more easily than an adult. How do you control a child? Through reward and punishment (i.e. heaven and hell).

Religion--Christianity/Catholicism in particular--fills that missing void. He is the perfect father, husband, lover... In theory. And this is what is so attractive about religion. God becomes whatever you are missing in your life.  "He", the "Father" is constantly called upon. He is called upon when in need, when in doubt... He is there to love, comfort, chastise, help, guide, direct, protect... God gives us what we need, and if we don't need it, he tells us "no." The only problem with that is, there are children starving to death all across the world. Did they not need food? There are homeless people across the world. Did they not need shelter? There are people who cannot pay their bills. Did they not need their lights/water/etc? God protects us from harm... the only problem with that is that countless children are abducted, molested and/or killed every single day. Did they not need protection? Women are being raped every minute. Did they not need protection? 

People who cannot control themselves, look to some mystery to control them and keep them "walking upright". People who are stressed, they let god "carry their burden". People don't trust their own intelligence and will power/self control. They rely on some unseen, unheard mystery to do for them what they are capable of doing for themselves.

In all honesty, God is no different than a dead beat dad or unreliable spouse. You never see, hear nor feel him... You just keep hoping and "having faith". 

"A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything"--Friedrich Nietzche

I understand. I empathize. Religion has become our father, our man, our void filler... "God" has become for us whatever is missing in our lives... He is a crutch. A crutch is a means of support, while the physically injured person is healing. We're not disabled, so it's time to let go of the crutch. The healing won't begin until you let go of this dogma, this religion... This falsehood... See, your leg isn't broken... You only think it is. Let that crutch go and discover the joy of walking on your own two feet. More to come...

Peace, Love and Elevation.

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