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Happy New Year... The Vernal Equinox

Finally, the new year has arrived and I plan on celebrating it! Today is the first day of spring!

Now, a lot of people are probably looking like "The new year? What the hell is she talking about?"
Well, let me ask you a few questions. Why would the "new year" start when the earth is still at rest? Why would it start during her barren times? During the times that she is purging herself of the old/shedding the past?

That's because it is not the true new year. The calendar we are going by (without questioning it) is the Gregorian calendar, which is very faulty, what with its leap years, varying month lengths... Et cetera. Also, I'm not a Roman Catholic... So why would I follow his faulty calendar, when there are much better, less complicated, more accurate calendars (that are from MY ancestors)?

Before I move on, I'd like to point out a few points that may or may not mean anything to you... But there are no coincidences nor accidents. First, let's look at October. Some say it is named such because it was named after the Roman, Octavius. That isn't true. That is a lie to cover up what research could give you the truth to... If you cared to look...

October--> October Menesis--> Eighth Month
Oct is a prefix that means "eight". Oct/Octo=eight

Still don't believe me? Okay. Let's dig just a little bit more.
Two months later, you have December. Dec is a prefix for what?

December--> December Menesis--> Tenth month
Dec is a prefix that means "ten". Dec/Deca/Deka=ten

If October was the 8th month and December was the 10th month, it would make February the 12th month... And that would put us back to having New Years at the proper time... Spring.

The Vernal Equinox is the true new year (today is the Vernal equinox). Many of our ancestors (if not all) and our ancient cultures used the Vernal Equinox to signify the start of the new year. Why? Because it is when the Earth is renewing, rebirthing... It is when their is new life... Hence, a NEW YEAR.

Everything in Western un-civilization is backwards. It is meant to throw us off, distract us and keep us from the truth. Right down to the smallest, most (seemingly) unimportant thing. There is no coincidence. No accidents.

Peace, Love and Elevation.
 P(roper) E(ducation) A(lways) C(orrects) E(rrors)

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  1. Gil scott heron touched on the calendar in ghetto code. Good post.