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.::Dark Skin::...::Light Skin::..

I'm sick of darker skin being considered less attractive. I'm sick of darker skin being the punch line of jokes. I'm sick of dark skinned girls feeling they have to do more, just to "compete" with their lighter complected sistahs. I'm sick of back handed compliments like "she's cute for a dark skinned girl". I'm sick of light complected feeling a false sense of superiority to their dark skinned sistahs. I' sick of brothas acting as if light skin is to be coveted over the beautiful, pure darkness of the darker skinned sistahs. I'm sick of being treated as if I don't know what being black feels like, because I am a lighter complexion. I'm sick of the looks I receive from self-hating, dark skinned sistahs. I'm sick of sistahs' worth being summed up to their body parts. Ass size, hip size, breast and thighs... I'm sick of our bodies being exploited and our minds, our self respect and pride being torn down and trampled under the feet of our brothas who are supposed to be our protectors. I'm sick of feeling like an outcast or a misfit with my sistahs. I'm sick of the favoritism that comes with being light-skinned... Though I assure you, as soon as I make it clear that I am PRO-BLACK, any favoritism is quickly taken. And I GLADLY give it back. I'm sick of sistahs feeling unworthy, not good enough... 

Sistahs, do you know why they keep you down? Do you know why you're the lowest? It is because we are actually the HIGHEST... And they don't want us to reclaim our throne. Sistahs, we are the beginning of life. We are the carriers of life and the portal through which life is brought into the physical existence. We are the sustainers... The first teachers. That is why it is so imperative to keep the black woman down. That is why it is so imperative to assure that we hate ourselves, so that we can teach it to our children. They feel it while in our very womb...

Sistahs, dark, light, medium... You are BEAUTIFUL. You are the Mother of All things. You are beautiful. I want you to tell yourself that everyday. Remind yourself how beautiful you are. If no one else has told you how beautiful you are, sistah, I'm telling you. You are beautiful. You are the reflection of the universe. You are the crown, the throne and the sceptre. You are the Queen of Heaven. You are the Isis. The Auset. The Ishtar. You are Supreme and Divine. My sistah, I love you. Even when my brothers and sisters don't love themselves, I LOVE YOU ALL!

Peace and Love. 

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  1. I feel u 100 it seems that darker skin is what everyone yearns 4 behind closed doors, but out in the open we are the butt of every joke.